Who am I?

I’m Meghan Fitzmartin. I grew up in Florida, without any idea of how to write for different mediums. I went to school to be a youth pastor, and then took a sharp left turn. I moved to LA in 2011 without knowing anyone who worked in the fields I so desperately wanted to work in. I managed to get a coveted job on a TV show in 2016, where I made connections in animation and comics, and worked hard to be hired as a staff writer on the last season of the beloved SUPERNATURAL. Since then, I’ve worked in TV, features, comics, and audio dramas for the last ten years.

There is nothing I love more than a good story.

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With Twitter, and all social media, in an undefined space going the way of the apocalypse, I finally took the plunge to create a community. I formerly had a patreon, complete with discord, but I will be honest, I had no idea how to use my discord, or even my patreon. Here, I have more control, and more of an understanding exactly how to work the platform.

With this substack, I plan to be open about my process of writing in different types of mediums, as well as giving you inside looks and behind the scenes in a world often shrouded in mystery. I also plan to give a paid subscription opportunity to people who want the breakdowns I do on classic scripts (be it animation, comics, features, tv, podcasts, etc.)

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